how do you just know??

So with my mom and dad's anniversary quickly approaching I was curious yet again this year on how it exactly worked between my mom and dad. Just a bit of background information for those who don't know but my parents only knew each other for 2 months before tying the knot. That's like less than a uci quarter of class to learn about a person... Granted I couldn't even learn where the basal ganglia was in the brain in that time.. But here 24 years later they stand to be my living proof that marriage works and love can exist for two people in ways that will never deviate from destiny.

But how?

How is it in less than 2 months my mom knew my dad was the right guy to spend the rest of forever with..

I asked her this exact question in my broken korean. And how did my mom respond?

"He made me feel comfortable. I just knew."

So is this what I'm looking for? This unexplainable reasoning of just knowing when one meets someone?? People may say that times have changed and that people get married for all the wrong reasons.. Well I don't think my mom's reasons were sound but look where they are. Funny how things work out.

C'est la vie.


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greg said...

to each his/her own. my parents were high school sweethearts. today that's so improbable. lets just be happy that we have parents that are still together.