Things I learned in College : Lesson 4.

Appreciate your school gym.
I think that this speaks for anyone who went to a school who had a nice gym. If you went to a crappy school who decided that physical well-being wasn't important then.. i'm sorry, this doesn't pertain to you.

UCI's educational program was great. Great teachers, great science library with a bunch of books I never touched, and a great gym. I'm not kidding you. A REALLY GREAT GYM.

The funny thing with me was that when i had gotten to UCI and witnessed the monstrosity of the ARC, I thought that other gyms like LA fitness, 24, or Bally's was something like this. The arc had state of the art ellipticals, a lifting room that was ergonomically suited for females, too many courts to count, a huge pool, racquetball courts galore, rock climbing wall, and so many more nooks and crannies i probably did not even realize. I mean considering how large the school was i suppose that it was only appropriate to have a gym of such stature, but they didn't need to fill it with such great equipment. But they did, and their stuff got better and better every year. They had no qualms of ridding their old equipment with even better ones. Plus, who could beat gorgeous flatscreen TVs that are able to be plugged into your own machine's headphone jacks. I seriously was so spoiled by this gym that i had almost begun to think that it was a standard for all gyms.

BOY, was I wrong.

A few months after i graduated, I had turned into a lump of lard and decided that it was due time to look for a new gym in the area. Having noticed that a brand new LA Fitness was built down the street, I thought it was about time to join. But i actually joined on a whim at those outside kiosks and did not really take a look inside. The moment i walked in, i felt like i had turned back in time to a crappier freshman year version of the ARC. It's like the thrown out equipment had made its way to this LA Fitness which was barely 2 years old. I thought, wonderful, a swimming pool and then looked in to see a load of old Chinese women wading through the waters. I then sighed... and realized nothing will ever beat the ARC.

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estef.cho said...

Not to mention the indoor track that overlooks the basketball courts...

Srsly, love the ARC : |

Mai said...

I cannot agree with you more. I miss the ARC so badly :( So much to the point that I am still bitter every time I walk into my home gym and it's already been a year since we graduated. Hahaha. Um, all your college entries are making me miss our old life so much waaahh