Mid-Year Slump

So I don't know about the rest of you, but around this time of year... anywhere between may, june, july i get this weird mid-year slump. That enthusiasm i had back in Nov-Jan has run dry and now all i'm feeling is tired, uninspired, unmotivated, and fat. And no this isn't a "my self-image sucks" kind of fat.. i've literally gained weight from the lack of motivation to work out and to eat healthy. Instead I will spend days like today, which sound like this..

Morning: Cereal and Milk - PERFECT! let's get this day started.. i'm going to be healthy today!
Lunch: uhh Brazilian BBQ Truck TABOM!?! PERFECT! Steak burritos with french fries and heavy rice... i'm going to be healthy tomorrow!
Dinner: hmmmm glass of wine... grilled steak (yes, again), sauteed mushrooms, kimchi (i'm korean, beat it), rice and lettuce... another glass of wine... and another.. and then some carrots and hummus, then some pita chips, and then more wine, a bite of bundt cake, more wine...

I'm going to be healthy NEVER!

did i mention that in the midst of this eating fiasco i also was invited to go work out at the gym? obviously did not happen.

This mid-year slump always gets the best of me and wastes all my gym money. I wonder if it's because i have nothing to look forward to... or nobody to impress... or it's just this slump... a dry dry season.

Although for some reason... i'm feeling pretty good about a lot of things.

2 kind regards:

:) said...

try insanity!

SEMAJ said...

stay strong iris