Things I learned in College : Lesson 6.

Start building a personal library.
Professor Bach was my International Studies Advanced/UpperDiv/Kickmyass/MakeYouCry/RatherBeDead writing instructor. And yes, he was incredibly difficult. Professor Bach was one of those men that you just so desperately wanted to make proud and please. I knew he was an intelligent man and I wanted nothing more than to make him just raise an eyebrow at me in ponder and perhaps agreement. In any case, within a quarter of debating about democracies and ethics in international relations I walked away with one valid lesson.

To start building a personal library.

No other professor in the four years i was in college even MENTIONED the idea of building a personal library. They in fact, and rightfully so, encouraged the purchase of books from other students to save our already burned out wallets. Don't get me wrong, I sold books left and right just to get a menial amount of pocket change, which i probably ended up blowing on a pack of gum anyway. I too was one of those people who stupidly sold $40 for a cool $1.50 because it was paperback (assholes). Granted if you were a student of biology, econ, IT and your textbooks were $200+ please yes, sell your books as new editions are issued at what seems to be a bimonthly rate. But i'm talking about all your other classes...

I definitely regret selling back some books and only getting chump change for it. At least if i had kept those books i would have been able to maintain a level of priceless pride for having endured courses in Asian American studies, Art History, Modern Theater, Poetry.. and so on. Instead, i have empty bookshelves with nothing to show.

Of course, people will say that you will never read those books again, but as Professor Bach had reminded us, that's not what matters. It's a measure of boasting to people who haven't read... or something like that.

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:) said...

yes. i love looking at my modest little collection of books with the satisfaction that i've gained something from each of them that i could never have learned/felt on my own. and i still dream of having a belle-like library :)

a personal lesson learned: a book is not meant to be read once. especially good ones.