Things I learned in College : Lesson 5.

If there are language courses offered, TAKE THEM.
Ok, so i don't care if you were a biosci major or some crazy IT major with a compsci/engineering double minor... whatever, if your school offered you language courses you should take them.

Let's explain this in a functional manner... here are the excuses people had about language courses.

1. "But you have to go to class everyday then." - Iam Awhiner.
Kiss my ass. You're in school anyway. If you're so bummed about taking a class everyday what else would you be doing with that hour that could be spending at a language course? Going to Jack in the Box? Watching TV? Eating a box of Cheez-its? Probably something that wasn't as productive as you learning a new language, making new friends, and discovering how much we as Americans don't know jack about other countries.

2. "But I don't have room on my schedule." - Winnie the Whiner
Kiss my ass. You're only saying that because you think going to class at 8 or 9 am is feat that can't be tackled. Get over it. Again, rather than sleeping in just so you can go to an 11am class instead, why don't you haul your ass out of bed and actually go to a class that's conducive to exciting your alcohol nuked braincells. If not, stick a little while longer on campus to take a later course!

3. "But I suck at learning new languages." - Wally the Whiner
Well... kiss my.. i'm kidding. I actually suck at learning languages too. But that didn't stop me from taking classes. It's amazing how you may feel like you can't learn a new language and that the challenge is too much to bear... but seriously ... kiss my ass. And then kiss the ass of the white guys in my class trying to learn KOREAN. I'm talking sticks and circles that suddenly had to formulate sentences for them. It's actually kinda embarrassing because these guys had better spelling and grammar than i ever would. Granted that I could listen and speak better... they passed the written tests with FLYING colors.

4. "But I'll never use it outside of school" - Kant Dewitt.
WHO CARES. Life isn't always about living constantly to work towards your future. The song your listening to right now doesn't help you with your future. Think outside of the learning languages only. I managed to stay in my Kclass for 5 quarters (approx 2 years) and yeah, i may not remember how to spell certain words any more but I made some amazing friends and would never had had my amazing teacher. I even took French after my year in England. Now really, when would i ever use French in the States except learning how to pronounce certain foods. So for that, I pat myself on the shoulder for being able to pronounce Nicoise Salad and Bourguignonne. (Thanks Madame Guthrie!)

5. "But I don't want to learn another language." - Ayam Iggnant
Then stay in your hole.

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estef.cho said...


Being in Europe made me realize HOW uncultured Americans are.. easily so considering any American can go across the world and manage to get by because some native person will have taken the time in his/her life to learn our language.

elysabeth said...

love this! you're so right...and believe me, French at 8 a.m. for 4 quarters was NOT easy but so worth it.