Things I learned in College : Lesson 7.

Don't lose your phone.
(Lesson by Ottoban, transcribed by me)

This goes without saying... but there is something more to it than just the financial burden of losing a phone and the personal disadvantage of losing your contacts. With the advent of technology and the greatness of connectivity, people losing their phones and getting contacts again has suddenly seemed easier. Well guess what, you and your "I lost my phone & I need your number" Facebook group/event/fan page suck. And here's why (like i even have to explain):

1. C'mon! take care of your phone. I excuse you if you really actually "Got Mugged, and So did my Phone" but the "I dropped it in the toilet, i need your numbers" and the "Oops! Lost it at the club last night, give me digits." no, you don't fly. which leads me to..

2. Your clever invite names are about as far as I will go. If you got a really funny title, maybe i'll consider giving you my number again.. but the "Lost Phone" and "Hey, So sorry! I lost my phone!" and the "Omg, i know you hate this! SO SORRY! I LOST MY PHONE" ... ignore, click.

3. I'm sorry who are you? - don't select all 1000+ friends to give you their numbers if you don't give a shit about 990 of them. What about a friendly personal message instead... nobody do those anymore?

Ok! That leads me to one solution...

BACK UP YOUR PHONE. if you're on any legitimate carrier (boost mobile.. do you do this??) you should be able to back up your contacts. Do it please.. now. for the sake, of the rest of your friends. In fact, i'm going to go do that right now... because knowing me and bad karma... i'm going to probably lose my phone next week.

(Happy Cinco de Mayo!)

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