The Cans Art Festival

I've been to plenty of art exhibitions and there are plenty that i have missed unfortunately. But there was one that i refused to miss yesterday. With the goodness of facebook Jenny managed to send me a message about the Cans Art Festival that was to take place in a tunnel underneath Waterloo Station in London. With exams still well underway, i knew that it would be somewhat problematic to try to even go anywhere outside of Egham, but i had to stop myself and think. What reasons i came out here were not limited to the studying that RoHo has been restricting for me to do. There is a life outside of the walls of Founder's Building and i was definitely out to find what it was. So at 8am, i pushed my precious Ben aside and clamored out of bed in order to get out to the train station by 9am. Stupid train times were longer than usual because of stupid Bank Holiday, but i slept on the train and made it to Waterloo. I shoved my way into the queue that was longer than some that i've witnessed in England, and was ready to "GENTRIFY THIS!" This was one of the most refreshing art exhibitions i've been to in such a long time. Banksy gone and done himself well by making sure this wonderful stencilized event got seen. Check it.

all i can is that it was well worth the wasted half day because well,... it wasn't wasted at all.

2 kind regards:

benjaminmhyun said...

Keep it up

I enjoy!

Yena said...

i'm so jealous that you got to see this! i have been coming across so many reviews/blogs about this exhibition in the past couple days.