Can it take any longer for the sunshine to finally come out and show itself? it took so long for the sun to show itself in England but it came out to the extent that i have burned! well it isn't a crazy tan but i won't lie, i see myself getting browner and the other girls here are red as tomatoes. Which means that the sun was hot enough to get the blood boiling in all respects

With exams all the way until the end of May, there is no doubt that not everyone is finished with their exams. The funny thing though is that people are coming out to Founder's quad as though exams have already finished and are enjoying a light alcoholic jug of Pimms to enjoy with it all. I have never seen all of Roho so happy with sunshine in their faces. I won't even deny the fact that i got my ounce of sunshine as well. Yesterday i went out with Cheryl from 10am until 4pm grasping every little UVA and UVB under my spf40'd skin. I unfortunately not knowing how sunny it was going to be wore a shirt that had a huge X on the back and there followed a beautiful jester pattern. It is so good to see my arms back to their normal color that i can almost forget my sallowness from the weeks before. We went again this morning at 10 to sit and study but by 2 o clock i had been drained of my energy or will power and punched drunk with love by the sun. By quarter past two, i was knocked out in my room until four. what a beautiful afternoon. summer you're the love of my life. x

3 kind regards:

benjaminmhyun said...

is that the school building that debbie was raving about? i totally missed out!

Yena said...

isn't it lovely what wonders the sunshine can do? it's really true that you need at least 10 minutes of sun every day to keep you sane.

ps i am feeling disgustingly pale. we need to work on that once we both get back to our beloved california.

SEMAJ said...