Democracy in Britain

Tomorrow's exam is quite possibly one of the most difficult exams I will encounter since the start of my exam period this past week. Unfortunately, while everyone else was complaining how in their last exam they couldn't fully complete their last question out of 3 to the extent that they wanted to, I won't be able to fully complete my last exam of the week out of three. Was relatively more prepared to get down to the exam for the last exam, but now i'm wondering if i am even going to be passing this class tomorrow. i suppose that only time will help me figure it out. i really don't care about whether the system is pluralist or competitive elitist. i don't care if people think that the PM is actually closer in personality to the President of the US. i just. don't. care.

Other than that, i've realized i don't like the rain any more. Back in California i used to appreciate rain as it was the only means making the dust settle, freshen the air, and get a free car wash. Here, all it is is miserable. I'm watching it fall between little teases of sunshine and its by far the worst thing ever. Its been raining for the last 3-4 weeks and its just been incessant. All i hear about from californians is the effect of sunshine being so hot and gross that they just want to stay inside their air conditioned rooms. hello, people. my room is still being heated 24/7 with the radiator that sits in the corner.

where are you sunshine? where?

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