Downside of Summer

I know that there are plenty of upsides of summer that many people enjoy. The sunshine, the ladies wearing skimpier clothing, the drinks in the sun, tans, sunglasses that you can actually wear appropriately, beaches, and the whole spectrum of glorious summer traits. But there is always a downside. Who am I kidding, its the one upside of winter that makes the downside of summer so down. Ok, enough ups and downs. But I can definitely say that the worst part of summer are the bugs.

Mosquitos and all those other pesky little mosquitos are the BANE of my existence during the summertime. Especially since I get terrible allergic reactions to bug bites, they are just not my slice of pie. And i don't know what it is, but within the last two/three days i've accumulated over 7 mosquito bites. And these are those cute little mosquito bites that get no bigger than a five pence coin (a dime for you Americans), but they grow and swell to the size of a baseball (cricket for you English). They get feverish and they turn into this intense bright red color. Unfortunately, of the 7 mosquito bites, 6 of them are dispersed on my legs, which means no shorts for quite awhile. what a drag! its hitting 77ºF tomorrow and i wanted to tan my legs...

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benjaminmhyun said...

i should have sent you a mosquito candle.