The junior year of my high school year my family and i went to Europe. We hit England, France, Switzerland, and Italy. But the funny thing was that when we were here (or there) all i was was a miserable teenage angst-struck girl who was sick of traveling with the extended parts of the family. I was in tears most of the time because I saw nothing that was to any part of my own desire. So, what did i do? I promised myself on a night tour of Rome that i would come back to Europe and do it right when i was older. What is crazy is that I had actually thought that Paris was not as good as i had always imagined it to be when i first came. But this last trip re-evaluated everything and made me realized that it was everything that i had dreamed of it to be before i came out the first time before my senior year.

It was a dream. It was pain au chocolats, bonjours, au revoirs, crepes, fondue, Parisennes, angelina's, chocolat, baguettes, D'orsay, and so much more. I loved everything about Paris. It was incredible because 5 years ago i was afraid to walk the streets alone and this past time i walked myself from the Eiffel tower to D'orsay to Academie Musique without a problem. I realized that it was then that things have changed dramatically for me. I've disconnected from my parents, i've become my own, and i love running around by myself. Of course, Cheryl and Adrienne made the experience all the better.. but I felt so at peace being in Paris and soaking in what it had to offer. It was the best feeling.

Now i'm done with exams and i can't wait to see what troubles i come up within the last weeks i have in the country i've so desperately fallen in love with. I'm all yours England.

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