So close

But damn why does it have to be so far away?

Today, I went to dinner and sat with all the others in my hall. out of the 10 or so out of us only 3 others were still in exams. I'm so close but it seems just that much further away from reaching my goal of the end of exams. the funny thing is that i don't think that i want it to come either. I want it to end so quickly and have so many things to look forward to but that only means that my time here is coming to a close. what it ultimately means is that i'll be leaving here before i even know it.

So then what do i do?

I try to set myself up in this idea that since i'm here and i don't have much time i should just enjoy myself, studies or no studies included. But at the same time another side of me is telling me that i came here to study as well as have fun and should study as much as i can while i'm still awake. I keep convincing myself that i've worked hard enough for the day so i lay off for a bit and even manage to take naps. I don't want this to be over but I don't want to be in exams. I really just want to hang out, enjoy my company, and bake some more in the sun.

Is this too much to ask for?

2 kind regards:

STZMCHN said...

what's up brotha? well, PARIS HUH? you are a lucky man.

well, it depends on what you are looking for, shopping, cafés, or night life?

if you are into the fashion scene and high end stuff you should go to the MARAIS, ETIENNE MARCEL, as they have nice little shops there.

in terms of nightlife, it depends if you are into electro or the mainstream type of stuff...paris paris is a really hard place to get into but good, SHOWCASE is also good (pont alexandre III is what you need to tell the taxi drive) and if you are just looking for regular stuff anythign on the champs elysees or close to it is good.

have a kickass time in Paris!

benjaminmhyun said...

i'd like to add...you're done NOW!!

it's Thursday the 22nd of May.