18th Century British History

During my year here I've been studying extensively on 18th century British history. And when i mean extensively, i mean i can tell you about their trade, their growth in provincial towns, literature, and even sexuality. Glorious Revolutions, Reformation Acts, East India Company, Lady Montague, Emma Donaghue, ... etc. The people during this time period were powerful thinkers, had new ideas, romanticized over love, and did nothing with their spare time except read if you were apart of the genteel or the elite. Women were considered sexual beings who needed to have sex in order to balance their wet and cold fluids. Men were throwing away inhibitions and sodomizing with each other in St. James Park. Masquerades were huge, hair was even bigger, and shopping became a habit. London was the place to be in all of the world unless you needed some rest and relaxation then Bath and Tunsbridge Wells provided your pampering needs. Times were good, if you had the money.

Unfortunately, i have an exam on all of this useless information tomorrow afternoon and i'm not quite sure if i'm just about ready for all it. I want to say that I will be able to tackle this exam tomorrow but i must keep studying to figure it all out.

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