A4 Paper

"Why is this paper so long?"

When I first received my letter of acceptance to Royal Holloway it was on this gorgeous piece of A4 cardboard with an official seal and the whole bit. But after the excitement of me being accepted the first question that came in to mind was "Why is this paper so long?" To my pleasant surprise, the US uses tiny pieces of paper compared to the legal pad of the UK. It not like it makes that much of a difference, but there is definitely one when you're comparing the two sheets. The US for once fails to be larger, greater, bigger in products than the English in this sense. What wimpy 8.5/11 sheets. What does it say about England though? It says that they are regal and need exceedingly long pieces of paper with only two holes to put in a binder. There came my second surprise, the size of the paper is long but the holes to hold all your papers in a folder are nothing but these two inadequate holes. You would think that with something that is so big you'd have more than just two holes to hold your incredibly large pieces of paper. Was very wrong. But the great thing about this paper is that it feels like it goes on forever. I was writing notes for my British Democracy class and all i could think was "Omg. This paper is so long." what a feat.

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