No, I'm not talking about that great surfer brand that accommodates for all them gorgeously fit blonde haired surfers of California but in fact i'm talking about the chain of pubs that exist in London and probably other parts of England. Unfortunately, I can only claim to have seen them in London alone. Last night I ventured out with Bruna, Ms. Thang, Sara, and Natalie to the Picadilly Circus O'Neils, promising a good time. Let me first clarify that I'm exceedingly wary of places like O'Neils because it attracts the greats of America and more American students to come together and dance to covers of American music. And to my great surprise, there was no surprise.

We were greeted by an obtrusively large bouncer who hackled at us for being Americans via looking at our IDs. We make it to the top floor, aside from the toilets, to the Music Room, blasted by the slightly techno slightly not music, small dance floor and smaller stage. I order myself a lager top (beer topped with some Sprite) and wash down my negativity. What a good time I had! Lo and behold the places gets packed by midnight and the band goes on and plays their own versions of Foo Fighters, A-Ha, Cee-lo, Sum 41, Greenday, Queen and so on. We all have a great time dancing with the other crazy Americans, avoid the creepy Spanish creeper who grabs my hand when i'm throwing up my gang signs, talk with old balding men, and deplete at the sight of scruffy boys. But it gets better, the night ends with curry fries. oh, yes.

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