Today, I went down to Egham after some studying at Bedford to watch my Ben get groomed at McBarbers and then grab some groceries at Tesco. I realized after walking around the Tesco (Metro to be exact) how much i've actually grown to enjoy the shopping trips i missed so much doing back at home. In so many ways Tesco is completely inadequate and deficient when providing certain foods but in so many other ways its has whatever you need. Let me elaborate. In aisle 5 you'll find a wide selection of birthday cards to buy for your great aunt who's turning 40 again, diapers, a romantic comedy DVD for your viewing pleasure, annddddd a tv and dvd player to watch them on. Whats great is that Tesco will not only provide you with the entertainment aspect part of your life, it will also connect you to the rest of the world, protect you from danger, spare you some money when you're children need education, and a carton of 6 free range eggs. Seriously, Tesco has its own like to broadband, mobile phone connection, car insurance, and loans. You can't go wrong with this place! Not only that Ben and I were able to grab some wholesome organic spinach and carrots to make sure our stomachs aren't being infested with bizarre chemicals that nobody can pronounce. If Tesco Metro has this much stuff can you even imagine what Tesco HomePlus offers? But of all the things that this wonderful bazaar of delicious jaffa cakes and tabloids provides, it doesn't have tofu. uh, what? In any case, after spending a sumptuous £9.44 on various produce, fruits, hummous, pitta bread (english spellings), cereal, and juice, we ran to the bus stop to catch a bus for our long journey home.

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