Just because I'm in England doesn't mean that tea has been my staple drink of choice. But, i can't deny the joy that i've found in drinking tea with a little bit of milk. What especially made me fall in love with English tea was when I went to Hampton Court Palace with Debbie and had English tea with scones, clotted cream (don't ask me what this is), and jam. WOW. Sounds really stupidly simply but the scones were perfectly baked and the clotted cream and jam made the whole situation creamy and fruity at the same time. I guess the closest thing i can relate it to is when we eat cream cheese with strawberry jam. yum.

So Whittards is a pleasant tea store chain that dominates all of London and other towns. They have the strangest sounding teas as well as all your conventional teas. The best thing though is that their line of green teas is incredible. Having bought a line of peach green tea and mango green tea, regular green tea sounds so boring! But of course i still love my rooted green tea with brown rice. Whittards also has these great powdered teas that Christine has fallen in love with that are sweet but still have the essence of tea behind it all. Mulled wine still one of my favorites. Some legit tea from Whittards is the way to go.

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Yena said...

since i came back from London, I've been seeing English sweets everywhere -- Toffee Crisp, Aero (ugh), McVitties, Jammie Dodgers. it's really odd.

Yena said...

oh yeah, and Whittard's tea, too, which is why i wrote my comment in the first place.