For those of you who know me pretty well know that i have certain tv shows that i cannot live without. Those being Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy, and many shows on Food Network. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), when I came to England I was left without a telly and any real connection with the television industry. But eventually, though i had wept for weeks from the pure absence of the blur of the tv, i was struck with "luck" when the writers went on strike. With that, the American TV industry was full stop, with a few exceptions, and I didn't have weekly tastings to look forward to. Then I stepped into Skins.

People always say that American TV shows have been blowing up the scene, especially with shows like Lost, 24, Prison Break, House, Grey's... etc. But Skins brought me back from the grandeur of adult shows back to teenage shows. MTV has definitely disappeared from me since i've been here so it was definitely bizzare watching a show that didn't involve people who were younger than 25. Skins is your typical teenage show. You've got your jock, the hottie, the druggie, the anorexic, the dork, the gay guy, the wangsta, the stalker, and the talent who all have serious family and internal issues. But even though people don't believe that this show is all that great, i love it. Just because it throws me back to teenage angst shows that we used to watch back when Dawson's Creek, Roswell, One Tree Hill, and Popular. Except, England does it right when they don't displace all the cursing, drugs, and sex. Well season 2 is over, and that may be the end of the journey for the show. Well played.

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