Being a student here for the last however many months since September has made me realize how much i hate and would hate being a student here. Don't get me wrong, i love this school and the people that i've met here but the academic process which they go by is absolutely ridiculous. I know that not everything is the same wherever you're from but who goes about spending their entire easter vacation solely studying for things that you learned back in september and then some? I don't suppose that the UC Irvine system of testing after every quarter helps us with our acne, stress levls, or reproductive organs but its well worth it when your finals are done and your break is literally stress free. I don't really enjoy this idea that i walked around the procession to the Colloseum whilst thinking about whether a liberal democratic constitution will ever be in place for Britain. I've spent all my breaks here with the conception and burden of more terrible things to come. Yes i know that my break was 5 weeks long, but what good is a break when it isn't really relaxing but much more intensive work? Do academic leaders and teachers realize the stress that students have to go through nowadays?


back to more work.

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Eh-mi said...

i love reading your blog iris. i'm so jealous you're studying abroad.