The funny thing about me is that i love to study at libraries. But thats not the funny part. The funny thing is that i really enjoy studying at libraries but i vehemently hate the noise. Especially the noise coming from a group of 4 Chinese exchange students who can't stop talking. I understand the exceptional chit chat from a passerby-er but if you're going to keep talking... why not just go downstairs where you can talk? i think i'm just venting from the work i'm not getting done here myself.

The thing is that when i was actually not studying the first two weeks while i was away at barcelona and rome, i desperately wanted to get studying and cracking into these amazing mid 18th century books. unfortunately, the moment i landed into heathrow again and saw that i had a mound of work to attack... i didn't want to do it anymore. and now being in the library... i don't want to do it at all.


back to work.

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