being Euro


I've always fancied bicycles. When visiting Utrecht, Netherlands, i couldn't help but stare at all the beautiful people riding their beautiful bicycles. And the only thought was how i wish it were that much easier to commute with bikes in LA. And even with such European inspirations but unrealistic desires to ride daily, I bought a cruiser off a guy from craigslist for $20 in Irvine in hopes to ride into the sunset. That never happened since the tires were crooked and it was so old that pedaling took much more work than it was worth the cruise. But it's a sleeping beauty and I definitely have decided to add it to the things to do list of this year. So I'll be putting it as a makeover list with my room.

In light of that... look at these inspirations...
Chanel Bike ($17000)

Hermes Bike ($3500)

Danish Bikes - Sogreni ($2250)

Sartorialist - one my fav shots.

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