Obsessing without Spending

There are so many times that a girl will obsess over items and know full well that they cannot afford the piece. Well... that time has sprung up again for me... as always.

Yesterday while I was on the bus ride home, a woman who i would consider pretty stylish for LA standards sat next to me and immediately my eyes went to her lush leather satchel. I couldn't stop staring. For one, the quality of the leather was immaculate and the way it was slouching with use was really gorgeous. So then i couldn't help but notice that yes, it was a Mulberry bag! I hadn't seen a mulberry since walking out of Heathrow in 2008 and then once at a Duty Free store in Incheon. I love these bags! I remember i would obsess over the really cute small crossover bags that girls would wear on the Underground.
But check this out! This morning I'm checking my emails and Refinery29 sends me the must haves of 2010. And to my surprise... look what there is..

Alexa Chung carrying a Mulberry! And it's HERS. As in the name of the bag that she is carrying is the Alexa Mulberry. Despite the fact that this socialite gets whatever she wants.. i'm even more surprised that she's chosen to obsess over a Mulberry bag. And what i love even more is this saddle color... forget the blue and white ones that it comes in... this one will stay with you for years. What a great midrange priced bag! yet, it's still too expensive for me. . . atleast for now.

Anyway. The bag is sold out online and probably at stores already. oh well.


On another note...

Jimmy Choo and Uggs have just announced a collaboration ordeal.

NYTimes statement ::
"Ugg & Jimmy Choo," will use the famous sausagelike boot construction, adding "design details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand.

Fuggy Choos.
are you ready for them?


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