Burberry + Colette = ?


So this is actually a season ago's look for Burberry as far as their twisted knotty look is concerned. But the funny thing is that as much as i loved this look on the runway and on the campaign with Emma Watson, i never really paid attention to the detail work that the Colette collaborative created. I just figured they are switching up their traditional trench look. But look at this!

Collette had gone and added these amazing little gold studs/spikes underneath the collar. I literally gasped with surprise and utter glee when i saw this picture. Mind you, I'm a huge fan of surprises like this when it comes to clothes/accessories/shoes. A reason why i went with the Burberry trench that i chose, as opposed to the traditional trench, was because of an element very similar to this - but of course a bit more demure.

I'm starting to get the feeling that these spikes and studs are going to be an ongoing trend in 2010.

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