There goes my money

this is a big week of a purchases coming up ... and to be honest, I'm not quite sure how i will be able to handle it. I'm pretty much going to go bankrupt for a bit and then make my way back to somehow livable standards...

1. Coachella ticketsI know that i told myself that I'd be buying these damn tickets the moment they went on sale, but i was at work on Friday morning, and all that could go through my head was, "do i even have enough to spare??" but eventually this purchase will happen by the end of this week. - $279

2. headboard from UO
I was initially planning on making this purchase approximately... oh i dunno... 8 months ago?! but finally a trip around the block in old town and a free shipping offer... i caved in. The new headboard should be arriving in the next few weeks and I'll happily put up pictures of my room in its somewhat complete state excluding the need for a map and some curtains from either Anthro or UO again. With free shipping (ohyeahyur) - $300 (bought)

3. new macbookpro
So if you follow my tweets you'll know that i, in my unfortunate clumsiness, spilled a whole cup
of gingerbread coffee with french vanilla creamer on top of my precious iBOOK G4 (god, i used to think this was so cool). I saw it happen in slow motion in front of me... the entire cup just washed the keys in a lovely creamy mocha color. With this sad occurrence my 9/(, F10, F11, F12, and my up and down keys have decided to crap out on me and no longer have any
purposeful function. How incredibly aggravating/depressing yet at the same time absolutely exhilarating. After purchasing my lovely iBook right before freshman year of college in 2005, it's time to finally get a new baby. This purchase though i must add is all granted that they come out with something better this week... especially after all these speculations. - $1100 (big ouch)

4. BOOkBOOk!!

At first glance you may ask, "well what the hell is that?" Well, in all my excitement to buy a new macbook i thought to myself that if I'm going to be investing this much into a new comp, i really need to step up my game and buy myself a nice cover to protect it. Not to diss the kids with the classic black neoprene cases that look sturdy and could potentially keep wine at a very desirable 50-55ºF... but I am ok, thanks.
This is the BookBook - gorgeous macbook cover built by TwelveSouth. Disguising your macbook into looking like a vintage read has never been more beautifully done.. or has it ever been done? I don't know, and i don't care. I just want it. $79

Ottoban, if you ever read this... i have major buyer's anxiety.


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moko said...

omg Iris.. i've been looking for a cover for my macbook too! it is pricy, but it's the cutest+smartest cover i've ever seen!! thank you for posting this :) and nice to see you here!!!