Check two

Or shall i say deux?

So I got my (re)subscription to Netflix this past week! The first film came in yesterday and I watched the ever beloved Julie Delpy and neurotic Adam Goldberg in Two Days in Paris. And i absolutely loved it! An indie romcom... really? Of course i would.

In any case, I had a balls out french cine day. .. Let me start over...

Last night I had a really great time going out with the girls. I mean having already gone out to the Bottega and SevenGrand with T the night before i thought i wouldn't be going crazy. But that was a lie. I had one too many drinks on friday night... stumbled home somehow with the help of wonderful people and woke up with a raging headache. Classic hungover episode.

So after an amazing recovery session this morning at Pho 79 eating Bun Bo tho(?) It's number 68 on the menu, I'm not even going to try to be smart about this one... so I stopped by Videotheque and thought why not borrow some more films. Where do i go? Of course, a straight shoot to Christophe Honore's section and pick up La Belle Personne and above on Godard, Tout Va Bien. After a scoop of coffee ice cream at Buster's and stop at the Good Harvest Bakery, I head home to enjoy my movie and freshly baked honey wheat bread. (they didn't have baguettes unfortunately)

So what do i indulge myself in all day??

THE FRENCH. La Belle Personne, 2 Days in Paris, Tout Va Bien, and Julie & Julia.

I vegetated on the French. All day... and fell madly, i mean really madly in love with Louis Garrel (The Dreamers) again. What was it that grasped me again? The way he smokes his cigarettes. I don't know, don't ask. I just love it.


And with that... i've simply decided to watch every Christophe Honore + Louis Garrel work.

c'est bon.

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