Lofty Goals

Maybe, making some lofty goals for this new year will actually help inspire me to do some crazier things.

Let's begin.

+ Double the amount of readership for my blog from 10 to 20 people.
Although this task doesn't seem so difficult, i'm struggling to believe that even 20 people will find my blog interesting. But i remember taking one thing to heart about making my blog find more readers... blog more. So it will be encouraging me to blog more about my daily stupidities. And i need to revive LePiquance. Time to cook more.

+ Concerts are to be attended... by me.
A friend told me once that if there is a show and you want to see, you should just go see it. Struggle and find people to go enjoy it with, and if all else fails... damn.. go alone.

+ Netflix? What better way...
Although when i start getting netflix i become a hermit and will probably tangle myself in thoughts of whether i should go to the gym or watch the movie in the comfort of my bed... I think it's time for me to begin getting netflix again. I just miss watching some really good classic films.

+ I am Metro
Have you guys seen those horrible ads for the Metro around LA? I think they are pretty horrendous, but I'm proud to say that I am one of them. I suppose this is a resolution in the making... and i'm definitely already taking full action for it. I've started to take the Metro to work and I feel invigorated. It definitely makes every trip to work and back home so much fun. I'm excited to say that tomorrow I will be purchasing my Tap Card. and tall guy with green headphones who takes the 7:45 train on Gold Line. You're hot. Let's talk.

+ What's this? A card? for what?
For any occasion.

+ A big black disc goes round
On an LP player that needs to be in my room... No more spending money on clothing. I need to out fit my room. Curtains, LP player, wall decorations, furniture... it's slowly but surely coming together... but i want it done by December.


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